Eproperty365 Dealer Can Be Very Awarding. Receive Monthly Overrides In Your Exclusive Area.

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Eproperty365 is offering you a great opportunity to sell Eproperty365 Exclusive Territory Licenses areas by either the zip code or complete states throughout USA. The cost of an area can be as low as $50.00 per zip code and high as $356131.00 for California. For a limited time we have reduced the minimum purchase from $5000.00 to $50.00. You may buy one zip code for as little as $50.00 and up. By owning an Exclusive Territory License area you will receive 10% or 40% monthly override on any sale of rental unit software within Eproperty365 Property & Facilities Management software. Depending on the amount of participation in providing marketing and sales effort will set the amount of override commissions’ percentage you will receive. To receive more of a percentage you will need to help in the development of a team of Eproperty365 Sales Partners as well as run your own marketing and sales campaigns. For your efforts will be awarded by you receiving monthly recurring override commissions on all the Sales Partners efforts as well as anybody else that sells Eproperty365 unit services in your area. This is a business opportunity that requires an investment.

Eproperty365 will invest over 50% of your License fee investment back into your Exclusive Territory
Once In Lifetime Opportunity!

This is limited offer! There are only one zip code or state being offered. When they are sold, we will not be offering this opportunity anymore. The cost of Exclusive Territory License is calculated by zip code and amount of population within the zip code area and a formula on the number of rental units within the zip code. We only allow one dealer to have an Exclusive Territory Licensee in a particular zip code.  The only way this zip code may come available again is if the Dealer does meet our agreement terms or they want to sell it. Other than that Dealer will receive recurring commissions for their lifetime. Do not wait to reserve your zip code area. To find out the cost of a zip code download CSV file below and you calculate your desired area. Remember this is on a first come bases.  You may sell your areas anytime under the terms of the agreement.

Be sure review Eproperty365 limited guarantee.

Dealer Limited Guarantee

Eproperty365 offers a limited guarantee on a Dealer’s purchase of the Exclusive Areas.  The Dealer will receive a 10% override commission from monthly paid units within the dealer area until at least 3 times the cost of zip code or state that the Dealer purchased the Exclusive area before Eporperty365 Version 1.0 is launched or 2 times if purchased after, plus 10% interest per year. Eproperty365 will continue to pay the Dealer on a monthly bases from his original area commission until it meets the Limited Guarantee of License paid in full. As long as Dealer does act in a negative way (the term “negative way” is agreed by parties to be determined by Eproperty365) to Eproperty365 or Eporperty365 customers.


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