Matt Grace

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CEO, Co-Founder, Dealer, Sales Partner, Dealer Broker, Associate.

Mobile Phone: 267-984-7348


Team Id:100008

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Take Eproperty365 Video Software Tour

Seeing is believing. You will get a much better idea of  Eproperty365’s software and how it can help you. Press the arrow on the video and  take a 17 minute tour of the software.

Eproperty 365 virtual video software tour
Eproperty365 Video Software Tour

Check out an actually Eproperty365 live Account

We recommend before checking out the  live demo account taking the Video Software Tour.

To login. Click on the live demo Eproperty365 account button. Use the following login information to login and check out the software. / Password: demo123

Be sure to come back to this team page to actually signup and create owners account. 

The Opportunity

Welcome potential Dealers, Sales Partners, Dealer Brokers, and Associates to Sandy’s Eproperty365  Team Portal which provides you links to sign up for different roles like; Dealer, Dealer Broker, Sales Partner,  and Associate at Eproperty365.  You must use the links on Sandy’s Team portal to insure your account gets properly set up and the proper people get assigned to your account.  It will ensure you will get setup for commission properly. If you sign up not using this Team Portal there will be no guarantee it will be setup right. Eproperty365 will not go back and pay you for lost commissions because you did not sign up on this portal.

Become an Exclusive Territory License Dealer

Check out Eproperty365 Exclusive Territory License Dealer Video. Press the Play Button.

Eproperty365_Dealer Video
Epropety365 Exclusive Territory License Dealer Video

Becoming a Dealer is more complex process, so after you fill out contact form we will contact you and review the areas you are interested in. Click on the “I am interested in being a Dealer” button and fill out the information. 


Become a Sales Partner, Dealer Broker, Associate

You can register online to become Sales Partner, Dealer Broker, Associate or all by just using one registration form. There is no cost to become Sales Partner, Dealer Broker, or an Associate. Click on button to the right. 

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Rental Property 

Owners & Manager

Welcome rental property owners and managers. Please use the below button to start to open any of your Eproperty365 Accounts. By using this button you will insure  that your Sales Partner will be assigned to your account.

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